Network Centric Data Communication Platform JASMINE - Multidomain Combat Management System of Systems


TELDAT’s Flagship Product is Network Centric Data Communication Platform JASMINE (also called JASMINE System of the Systems). It's an innovative and unique automated Command, Control and Communication system designated to use in Armed Forces and civilian or uniformed Crisis Management Structures. JASMINE platform is a large set of mutually consistent TELDAT’s products, based on Integrated Information Systems developed in accordance with individual Customers needs. Users can build its architecture accordingly to their own needs and final purpose just like setting up the bricks. It is the only product of its kind in Poland and in many areas in the world. JASMINE consist of its own secured systems, subsystems, devices and software. Most of them can also be used autonomously. JASMINE technology is comprehensive, versatile and compact in terms of its hardware and software compatibility. Our system is reliable, proven, scalable and ready to use in all possible environment and conditions. This product is unique in many aspects and highly respected on the international arena. The system is highly assessed in the our country and abroad, including in NATO. JASMINE belongs to a group of C4ISR systems (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance).


The JASMINE platform:

  • enables to achieve the information superiority and thereby creates the situational awareness of troops by tactical situation picture at all levels of command and effective and independent of the geographical location monitoring of the position of own and allied troops to the single soldier;
  • provides interoperability with allied systems by applying the standards of the NATO;
  • has an ability to create Common Operational Picture by the integrate ICT support systems, sensors and effectors (also implemented in unmanned aircraft and vehicles) used in: armed forces, public services and crisis management;
  • allows for more efficient use of geographically deployed forces at large distances;
  • increases the expeditionary abilities of troops / crisis management structures;
  • substantially improves (including automates) the process of troops command / crisis management and control of weapons systems through the use of centralized portal which provides effective cooperation in the chain of command including simultaneous work on shared documents;
  • ensures efficient deployment and modern protection (also in work places organization) of functioning of stationary and mobile (field) positions and command / control posts, using available wired and wireless connectivity devices;
  • substantially increases the security of military components and their elements, including soldiers and vehicles, through on-going monitoring of GPS position and possibility to provide fast and accurate support or evacuation;
  • provides safe exchange information with use of IP Crypto devices;
  • reduces long delays in acquisition, exchange and display of information, diversity and incompatibility of information systems currently used by armed forces;
  • provides comprehensive, versatile and compact solutions, modular structure and scalable system in accordance with NATO technical and quality standards.

 JASMINE - System of the Systems

JASMINE - System of the Systems

JASMINE is a system based on a component model, in accordance with NATO Network Enabled Capability, which recommends data sharing between distributed decision nodes. This is why the system’s elements were designed to be operated and used on all military levels, from the highest command posts to a dismounted soldier level.

The architecture of the JASMINE system is oriented on services according to the concept of SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture) including NNEC assumptions. It recommends the creation of data systems realizing and using service-oriented functionalities from the user point of view and at his level. It assumed also a creation closed interfaces components that meet business requirements. The components can be reused several times at their higher functional level. The services recommended by the concept with the assumption to provide constant access points while hiding the internal ways of implementation. Furthermore the components communicate with each other thorough the common communication medium and they have independent access to it.

JASMINE - System of the Systems



The JASMINE platform consists of the main components:


Following graph shows the genesis of the implementation, development and the most important awards of the JASMINE.

JASMINE (in all its versions) - as the unique solution, is highly rated by experts, users in Poland (implemented in Polish Armed Forces) and abroad. JASMINE (its many software and hardware components) successfully passed multiple years of operation and comprehensive tests (thousands of studies and tests) at the battlefield, during many foreign and national exercises, workshops, laboratory tests, to include:

  • military missions in: Afghanistan, Congo, Chad, Central African Republic, the Balkans and the Baltic states;
  • exercises:
    • international: NATO CWID, NATO CWIX, Combined Endeavor, and Bold Quest,
    • tactical, command-staff and studies realized in Poland: ANAKONDA, BAGRAM, DRAGON, STOKROTKA, ASTER, COMPACT GREY, BORSUK, PIERŚCIEŃ, ŚWIDER, KŁODZKO, MAZURY and LATOWICZ;
  • international MIP Programme (Multilateral Interoperability Programme);
  • education activities especially in training laboratories of: National Defence University in Warsaw, Military University of Technology in Warsaw, and also the Training Center of Communication and Informatics in Zegrze.


The most important of these processes shown in the diagram below.

Schematic diagram of JASMINE platform is presented on the picture below.

Moreover JASMINE components for many years are used as the reference solution for the systems of the other countries armed forces. Documents, which are below reliably confirmed these facts.

Reliability and interoperability of the above mentioned solutions has been confirmed in a wide range of documents which are at the disposal of the Polish Armed Forces, and the certificates for JASMINE and its component C3IS JASMINE:

Certificate awarded by R&D Marine Technology Centre for devices of JASMINE System: Server Box, Router Box, WAN Box, LAN Backbone Box and LAN Access Box

Certificates and references awarded by NC3A agency (NATO Consultation, Command and Control Agency - currently NATO Communications and Information Agency) for C3IS JASMINE System

Another interoperability confirmation of the C3IS JASMINE during long-term research in the MIP (Multilateral Interoperability Programme) on the highest level of tests MSLT 3

Technical opinion for devices of JASMINE System awarded by National Institute of Telecommunications In Warsaw

Confirmation of Conformity by National Institute of Telecommunications in Warsaw