JASMINE Management System

JASMINE Management System is the set of the specialized and comprehensive software tools designed for full operation, management, monitoring configuration and service of all components of the Network Centric Data Communication Platform JASMINE, including its devices and software, as well as their other functional elements, e.g. operating systems and end devices. It is a proven, mature solution, constantly developed, but already implemented and for many years successfully and extensively exploited in the Polish Armed Forces in the framework of Integrated Data Transmission Nodes JASMINE and C3IS JASMINE (automated comprehensive combat management system).

JASMINE Management System consists of the following Software Modules:

  • JASMINE Modules Management (JMM) – is the Software Module a very simple and intuitive in operation dedicated to the design of IT networks together with the generator of configurations intended for JASMINE platform devices. The main task of this tool is to provide Users with a simple and quick configuration of a fully functional IT network;
  • JASMINE Configuration Management (JCM) – is a specialized Software Module enabling the Users an advanced configuration of JASMINE platform devices. This software is intended for an advanced Users having an expert IT network configuration knowledge through its own (producer) secure protocol;
  • TELDAT Battlefield Directory (TBD) – is a Software Module that provides directory services which ensures logical and precise description of all devices and network services in the system. Based on the devices included in JASMINE platform, constituting a hardware database platform for the TBD module. There is possibility to provide a universal information data base during operations at the tactical and operational level;
  • KTSA Data Communications Resources Management System (including JASMINE) – is a Software Module that allows management and monitoring of the operation (including current visualization of the supervised network) of devices included in the Integrated Data Transmission Nodes KTSA and the JASMINE platform.

The diagram is an example of the JASMINE Management System configuration.

The cases of practical application of JASMINE Management System are presented on the pictures.