DSS C3IS JASMINE is one of the main software modules of the C3IS JASMINE. This software is a component of the DSS JASMINE, allowing mainly the effective management of a soldier and/or combat section (a group of soldiers), operating at the tactical level. It can also operate as a stand-alone solution and it can work independently.

Main features of the DSS C3IS JASMINE:

  • command support of soldier, combat section (a group of soldiers especially outside the vehicle) and their actions and interactions;
  • achievement the information superiority;
  • possibility to create and significant increase of situational awareness to dismounted soldier operating in a group of soldiers and monitoring his current position, it significantly increases his security;
  • common operational picture;
  • automatic information exchange and collaboration between BMS systems (Battlefield Management System) and depending on the needs HMS systems (Headquarters Management System);
  • interoperability with the coalition C4ISR systems;
  • analysis of terrain situation, also using 3D visualization;
  • quick exchange of text messages (CHAT) using a pre-defined reports and templates;
  • mission planning, receiving and browsing of plans and orders;
  • reconnaissance and targeting fire;
  • automatic reports about current battle situation;
  • easy input of data - objects and tactical symbols using joystick and touchable interface;
  • automatic aggregation of data about subordinated soldiers;
  • video transmission;
  • communication with soldier using NATO JDSS (Joint Dismounted Soldier System - STANAG 4677);
  • replication of MIP data at the tactical level with the use of BRM protocol (Battlefield Replication Mechanism) via radio communication means;
  • modularity and system capability to extend and integrate with other elements of soldier equipment and armament;
  • integration and monitoring of the equipment of the soldier (external sensors, terminal functions, GPS position and communication means);
  • simple - fully automatic, intuitive installation and configuration of DSS C3IS JASMINE.

Example screenshots of the DSS C3IS JASMINE software are presented bellow.

DSS C3IS screeny