Awards and honors

TELDAT company and its products have been many time awarded at international fairs as follows:

  • the special distinction granted in the Innowacje dla Sił Zbrojnych RP 2015 competition for the Network Centric Data Communication Platform JASMINE as the innovative, comprehensive, mutually consistent and unique System of Systems in the scope of command and communication, dedicated for the all command and control echelons, including dismounted soldier:

  • special honourable & award of Ministry of Science and Higher Education for the most technologically advanced product of a military technics - the JASMINE System at the 15th International Defense Industry Exhibition in Kielce 2007. Presented ennoblements are precedent, because the company with the Polish defense industry sector the first time have been awarded, rather than R & D institutions, as it was previously:

  • With two prizes awarded in 2018 by Raytheon, Patriot system manufacturer, for the highest quality products and on shedule deliveries:
    • EPIC Award for Raytheon Global supplier of the year in terms of performance, innovation and cooperation. It was granted for the first time ever to a Polish company as part of the "2018 Raytheon Supplier Excellence Program". TELDAT has been selected for this prestigious award from tens of thousands of companies all around the world that deliver tdeliver their products to Raytheon. The value and significance of this award is even greater because it was preceded by the following distinction awarded by Raytheon IDS:

  • 4-Star Supplier Excellence Award. This high distinction was also awarded first time ever to a Polish company by Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems (IDS). TELDAT was selected to receive this award again from thousands of Raytheon suppliers from all around the world:

  • for BMS with its basic components (including software) were JASMINE on-board solutions:

  • With prizes and distinctions awarded as part of subsequent editions of the State Security Leader competition:
    • GRAND PRIX award for tactical battle management system BMS JASMINE on 28 July 2017. This great award was granted in the Leader of State Security Competition 2017 under the honorary patronage of the President of Republic of Poland:

  • in 2018 with the Innovative Company for State Security award for the innovativeness of the offered products, a wide range of eligibility and competences, granted as part of a competition held under the honorary patronage of the Head of the National Security Bureau:

  • in 2018, with a distinction for Special Achievements in Improving the Quality Management System, awarded for the first time to a defense company as part of a competition which was also held under the honorary patronage of the Head of the National Security Bureau:

  • award of the Polish President, which is granted annually for the best product, which improves level of safety of soldiers of the Polish Armed Forces for an integration of the JASMINE - System of Systems with Automatic Contamination Indicator PROMETHEUS as an example of wide integration capabilities of this platform and wide acquisition and distribution of sensory information. This award was obtained at the International Defence Industry Exhibition 2014 in Kielce:

  • on 16th March 2010 award BUZDYGAN 2009 was granted to Mr Henryk Kruszyński - the President of TELDAT company for developing and implementing an innovative teleinformatics solutions in the Polish Armed Forces - including the revolutionary Network Centric Data Communication Platform JASMINE:

This success is received as a recognition for our company, its employees and its products by the proposers of the award, i.a.: Parliamentary Commission of National Defence, Polish General Staff, National Security Bureau, Polish Armed Forces with subjected structures and of the Organizer and the users of the command and communication systems.


  • awarded in 2018 by the Ministry of Defense in the competition - Innovations for Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland 2017. Teldat won this award in the category of research and development projects for the Wireless Anti-Tank, Anti-Transport Explosive Loads Control System, an innovative product of Teldat’s inginering developed in cooperation with the Electromechanical company "BELMA" SA from Bydgoszcz.:

  • Prize of The Leader of Polish Defence Industry awarded to TELDAT company by the magazine „Nowa Technika Wojskowa” at the 18th International Defence Industry Exhibition in Kielce 2010. The award is also very valuable for TELDAT, because has been conferred by an independent military journal and so far has been granted only to several companies:

  • honorary medalZasłużony dla Eksportu RP” (Well-deserved for Export) awarded by the order's chapter operating at The Republic of Poland National Exporters Association - Krajowe Stowarzyszenie Eksporterzy Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej. The distinction is a recognition for the dynamically growing TELDAT export to the global market and confirmation of the professionalism and effectiveness of the company. It is also a proof of high value, quality and evaluation of our highly specialized products that are developed and implemented while maintaining the highest international standards.

  • 4 prizes granted during the subsequent editions of Air Fair international fairs:
    • the grand prize for the most innovative and comprehensive offer for the Polish Armed Forces in the area of command and communication for JASMINE System with modules: HMS, BMS and DSS:


  • the grand prize for the first, Polish innovative integrator CID JASMINE which significantly enhances the effectiveness of the data exchange of the Air Forces, Navy and Land Forces and the safety of the flying objects:

  • prize for Joint Fire Support System provided as well as by aircraft, integrated with HMS and BMS JASMINE:


  • 2 awards for "Project of the Year PMI Poland Chapter" in competitions organized by the international institute PMI (Project Management Institute) obtained during the following editions of the International PMI Poland Charter Congress, under the honorary patronage of the Ministry of Digitization:
  • in 2016 for the "Patriot Router" project, which resulted in the development and implementation of technologically advanced military routers for the new generation of the Patriot system. This is the first such ennoblement received by the Polish defense company. It also confirms the professionalism and effectiveness of TELDAT in the implementation of projects, including those in the field of C4ISR, as well as their value and global significance in their development and implementation of the highest international standards:

  • in 2017 for the "KTSA GSM" project, which resulted in the development of innovative software and functionalities that increased the quantity, speed and performance of a highly specialized extensive institutional and personal notification/alerting system (SEIS). It is a comprehensive solution, implemented and for many years successfully exploited and systematically developed in specific units and public sector institutions. This and the previous award is the only collection of such distinctions received by a Polish company (not only from the defense industry), which also confirms the high competences and professionalism of our company in the implementation of projects at the highest international level:

  • Symbol Innowacji 2015” award is Polish global program led by Monitor Rynkowy Dziennika Gazeta Prawna and Monitor Biznesu Rzeczypospolitej for Network Centric Data Communication Platform JASMINE. The award is also an appreciation for TELDAT for extraordinary and huge efforts towards the reliable verification and development of own capabilities and products in the scope of C4I, during last decade mainly through their efficient use in the most important military exercises, including the subsequent editions of the NATO CWIX exercise:

  • The prize for the participation in the development of teleinformatic command support systems and many solutions dedicated to Polish Armed Forces, awarded by Polish Chamber of National Defence Manufacturers at the 20th International Defence Industry Exhibition in Kielce 2012:

  • GOLD LAUREL prize awarded for military Integrated Data Transmission Nodes KTSA at the 5th International Logistic Exhibition LOGISTYKA’99 Kielce: