JASMINE Web Portal

JASMINE Web Portal is a dedicated intranet solution, included in the Network Centric Data Communication Platform JASMINE and allowing a creation of Common Operation Picture. It has the ability to integrate other systems and acts as a software module providing user access to the C3IS JASMINE System. This solution is designed especially for the: armed forces - in cooperation with the HMS JASMINE, public services and civilian organizations (such as crisis management systems). It can also operate as a stand-alone solution working independently.

In this software web services technology was used. It gives access for shared operational information by the standard web browsers. The main purpose of this solution is to support the command processes by using a centralized portal, enabling effective collaboration of all the organizational elements participating in the command process.

JASMINE Web Portal has been designed based on Microsoft SharePoint technology with all of its functionalities, ensuring access for all users at the same time to information in the integrated systems. It allows to create secure websites within an intranet or extranet. These sites are used for simultaneous collaboration and they are place where users can quickly access to the information by the available web browsers.

JASMIN Web Portal standards

JASMINE Web Portal has been created in order to provide functional solutions, which during the process of implementation can be easily adapted to perform current tasks defined by the users. During the installation and implementation the framework and a set of components that ensure dedicated functionalities for users are provided. Scope of using and layout of these components can be customized to user needs after the installation of this solution.

JASMINE Web Portal provides simultaneous work on the documents and tools allowing collaboration in real time on a popular document types, such as: text, spreadsheets and presentations. It also enables interoperability in the C3I systems and databases environment, and has a wide range of applications to create a Common Operational Picture such as by collaboration with the command support teams, obtaining current information from the external components, such as: Land Forces, Navy, Air Force or civilian organizations.

Main features of the JASMINE Web Portal:

  • Common Operational Picture;
  • interoperability with the coalition systems;
  • integration and acquisition current information from the different data sources, including ICT support systems used in the armed forces, public services and civil organizations;
  • command processes improvement of the forces and control of heir weapon systems;
  • access to features and services of the C3IS JASMINE System;
  • ensuring effective command co-operation;
  • enabling effective collaboration of the Users on the shared documents;
  • common interface for efficient cooperation of the Users;
  • imaging information on the map;
  • easy to adaptation, including universal and dedicated functionalities JWP, to the needs of the current structures of the armed forces, public or governmental and non governmental organizations, mainly due to the modular construction of this portal.

Examples of practical use and location of the JASMINE Web Portal in an integrated information system formed by all components of JASMINE, shows the following diagram and other illustrations.


JASMINE Web Portal was awarded:

The Republic of Poland President’s Award for the best product, which improves level of safety of soldiers of the Polish Armed Forces - integration of Automatic Indicator of Contamination PROMETHEUS with JASMINE - System of the Systems (one of the main component of its was JASMINE Web Portal) obtained at the International Defence Industry Exhibition MSPO 2014 in Kielce;

DEFENDER for the Integrated Information System WTS during the International Defence Industry Exhibition 2013. JASMINE Web Portal was one of the main components.