Authorizations and certificates


  • company of special defence and economy status:

  • Basic Ordering Agreement NCI/ACQ/ASG/2012/6312 between NCI AGENCY / NATO C3 AGENCY and TELDAT - registered partnership:

  • membership of the Polish Chamber of National Defence Manufacturers confirmed by resolution 20/IV/2010:

  • registration in the polish Office of Electronic Communications and admitted code of producer compliant with ITU-T T.35:


Our company posses among others:

  • certificate of Quality Management System ISO 9001 for designing, production, installing and service of electronic, teleinformatics, informatics, telecommunication and alarm systems:

  • certificate of Quality Management System AQAP 2110 on current range of activity:

  • certificate of Quality Management System AQAP 2210 for manufacturing, copying, delivering and maintenance of the software:

  • certificate of Management System - Internal Compliance Program in the following scope of activities: goods, technologies and services trade of strategic importance:

  • first level Facility Security Clearance, issued by National Security Service, testifying capability of providing safety of classified data determined as "SECRET", “NATO SECRET” and “SECRET UE/EU SECRET", authorizing realization of classified contracts and orders. TELDAT is one of the few companies of the Polish defense industry having the highest powers of industrial security and protection of classified information:

  • concessions of Ministry of Interior for:
    • manufacturing and trading military and police products including classified information security:

    • technical protection of specialized mobile devices realized on the basis of authorization of TECHOM to design, install and preserve alarm systems for highest security class - according to the polish standards:

  • NATO Commercial and Government Entity Code NCAGE no 0568H in NCS (NATO Codification System) and company registration in National Base of Commercial and Government Entities 43 H4:

  • certificates of interoperability for C3IS JASMINE System (developed by TELDAT) awarded by NATO C3 Agency (currently NCI Agency - NATO Consultation, Command and Control Agency). There is no other Polish system having such the certificates:

  • certificates of interoperability (unique references in Polish area of military C4I systems) for C3IS JASMINE in the international Multilateral Interoperability Programme (MIP):

  • certificate of Appreciation for the best and modern ICT network in the history of Combined Endeavor (exercises organized by U.S. European Command) built on the basis of the JASMINE system:

  • certificate of Appreciation for our engineers and products (Network Centric Data Communication Platform JASMINE and C3IS JASMINE) in recognition of their support to achieve interoperability goals for Combined Endeavor 2009:

  • certificate of Polish Engineers and Technicians of Technical Protection and Safety Management “POLALARM” confirming credibility of the company in the scope of ingenuity, research and development journalistic and educational activities: