Satellite services

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TELDAT - producer of Network Centric Data Communication Platform JASMINE - based on iDirect Intelligent PlatformTM offers the wide range of satellite services in every configurations:

    • supply of satellite systems and telecommunication networks;
    • supply of satellite space segment together with a support of Satellite Center;
    • supply of satellite equipment particularly including all mobile solutions;
    • service of data transmission or multimedia on demand;
    • design of networks;
    • integration with other systems.


  • The offer

The TELDAT Satellite comprehensive offer includes as follows: satellite space segment, equipment with its installation, service and training for the Users. The typical TELDAT Satellite solutions are as follows:

    • closed networks;
    • mobile networks;
    • signals distribution and contribution;
    • multimedia data transmission in IP technology;
    • back up networks.

The TELDAT satellite offer is addressed to:

    • military sector;
    • commercial market;
    • specialized mobile solutions on land, sea and air;
    • multimedia solutions in particular: distance learning, live transmission, internet access as well as modern medicine technologies.


  • Satellite Platform

The base and the heart of the TELDAT Satellite is versatile, broadband satellite telecommunication iDirect Intelligent PlatformTM, dedicated to data exchange in IP technology. The main advantages of the platform is the highest effective bandwidth utilization and flexible configuration. The platform is designed to work in the two standards: INFINITY and DVB S2 with the opportunity of telecommunication connections to be established in the following topology: point to point, mesh and star.

The special features of iDirect platform are the following:

    • mobility - effective support of all connections of mobile stations in the move: on land, sea and air;
    • security - coding AES (256 bits), VLAN, TRANSEC and mask channel activity - very useful in military applications;
    • quality - full range of Quality of Service.

HUB satellite station is equipped with antennas system and fully redundant set of radio communication equipment as well as antenna automatic tracking system. The station is also equipped with non escaping power supply system basing on UPS and automatically switched on power generator. All above mentioned solutions support the highest possible level of quality and access of the provided service.


  • Satellite Center

The main part of TELDAT Satellite is Satellite Center located in the headquarter of our company and working 24/24 and 7/7. The operators supervises proper operation of HUB station and Client devices and also provide an assistance for our Partners at every stage of service.