BMS JASMINE - Battlefield Management System for Battalion, Company, Platoon & Section



BMS JASMINE is the latest generation, comprehensive and network centric battle management system dedicated to tactical echelon (battalion, company, platoon and section) or rescue operations (BMS - Battlefield Management System). This is the subsequent, innovative component of Network Centric Data Communication Platform JASMINE, the first BMS in Poland and one of the few in the world. The system enhances and automates the processes of command and communications and combat operations. It is designed to develop modern and comprehensive C2 on-board systems at tactical level. The system is dedicated to all types of vehiclesvessels and flying objects in armed forces. It can also be used by mobile troops of various types of public services, after the adjustments to their specific needs. On the base of this solution modules, the various system configurations of the same standard can be constructed using its like blocks. The solution can be also used as an autonomous system.

The main components of the BMS JASMINE are:

  • software of the Battlefield Management System for Battalion, Company, Platoon & Section - BMS C3IS JASMINE (system / software module of C3IS JASMINE);
  • modern on-board ICT NodeWAN Access Box (WAB) integrator;
  • Tactical Terminal Tablets T12" / T10” / T8”;
  • Personal Tactical Terminals T5” / T4”;
  • JASMINE Management System, including JASMINE Modules Management.

Main features:

  • as an on-board ICT node it provides:
    • modern, efficient, mobile, and multi-service ICT infrastructure dedicated to a tactical level, designed in IP technology,
    • optimal selection, integration, use and monitoring of on-board equipment (including communication means, transmission media, sensors, effectors and endpoint devices) of vessel, aircraft, combat or rescue vehicle,
    • high security level by applying network devices that meet the highest level of national and NATO standards (e.g. cybersecurity) validated by penetration and vulnerability tests,
    • interoperability with the coalition systems, among others by the implementation of NATO standards,
    • secure (encrypted) transmission of data, video and voice in IP technology (i.a.: voice communication, e-mail, files exchange and videoconference services) and access control (monitoring) to the on-board ICT system,
    • secure exchange of information with the use of national IP Crypto,
    • simple - fully automatic, intuitive installation and configuration of all elements (hardware and software) BMS JASMINE using JASMINE Modules Management software (a component of the JASMINE Management System, implemented and widely used in the Polish Armed Forces), and also monitoring of ICT networks based on these military solutions;
  • it also provides:
    • significant support of command and communications capabilities and combat operations and collaboration through effective and proven cooperation with the higher echelon C3I systems (e.g. used in the Polish Armed Forces HMS JASMINE - Headquarters Management System for Operational and Tactical Level) and lower echelon (e.g. DSS JASMINE - Dismounted Soldier System) and JFSS JASMINE - Joint Fires Support System,
    • significant increase of situational awareness allowing to achieve an information superiority, including their security, e.g. by the efficient distribution of information about threats and an automated information system on the current location of own forces (Friendly Force Tracking);
    • cooperation and integration with allied systems (also by implementation of NATO standards) including:
      • command and communications, Air Defense and JFSS JASMINE (Joint Fires Support System, including JTAC),
      • reconnaissance (information from battlefield sensors, e.g. UAV, soldier equipment) including CBRN threats from Reporting Nuclear Detonations, Biological and Chemical Attacks and Predicting and Warning of Associated Hazards and Hazard Areas - STANAG 2103,
      • training and simulation, e.g. JCATS and VBS2 / VBS3 by the use of HLA (High Level Architecture) standard;
    • current tactical situation picture and BLUE FORCE TRACKING using: NFFI (NATO Friendly Force Information) and FFI (Friendly Force Identification - STANAG 5527) - in this case, the system can operate as FFT HUB,
    • automatic operational data exchange with effective use of radio means during mobile operations,
    • mission planning, visualization (according to APP-6A/B/C, MIP Implementation Rules) and full support for plans and orders according to STANAG 2014,
    • reporting and management of Daily Log Book etc.,
    • easy input of data - objects and tactical symbols through a personalized interface,
    • quick exchange of text messages (CHAT) using pre-defined reports and templates,
    • analysis of terrain situation, using also 3D visualization,
    • analysis and visualization of Fresnel zones (areas of the radio signal) using elevation data, allowing relative location of antennas,
    • data aggregation and hierarchy,
    • archiving of data, including graphical layers and voice messages, which allows for an accurate reproduce the course of events during the action and define their actual factography,
    • storage of operational data in a JC3IEDM database of the model of the MIP program,
    • replication of MIP data at the tactical level with the use of author’s and unique BRM protocol (Battlefield Replication Mechanism) via radio communication means,
    • messages exchange in accordance with standards MIP MEM B2 & B3, ADatP-3 (version 11C/F, 12.2, 13.1 & 14), OTH-GOLD, Link 11B, Link 16 (JREAP C and SIMPLE) and also VMF (Variable Message Format),
    • communication with soldiers using NATO JDSS (Joint Dismounted Soldier System - STANAG 4677),
    • integration with TELDAT Battlefield Directory services STANAG 4644,
    • application of vector topographic underlays distributed in VPF & SHP technology and raster topographic underlays in CADRG, ECW, MrSID, GeoTIFF & JPEG technologies and also maps of DTED terrain model,
    • management of topographic underlays distributed with the WMS (Web Map Service) and WFS (Web Feature Service) technologies.

The main software elements of the BMS JASMINE are the following:

WAN Access Box - main hardware component of the BMS JASMINE system of the new generation ICT on-board node. Like the other JASMINE solutions it has modular structure and consists of the devices.


Tactical Terminal Tablets T12 / T10" / T8" and VIS Terminals:

According to the required components of BMS JASMINE, it can be composed of: personal tactical terminals, switch, CTOS adapter, IOP module, WLAN antenna, wireless IP phones, tactical PC workstation, smart card reader, personal IP radio, radio (VHF, UHF, HF), satellite, GPS module, IP videoconference device, optical fiber and Ethernet (UTP) enhanced cable. The example versions of devices, produced and/or customized by TELDAT for the mentioned system are presented below.


The position of BMS JASMINE in the system and its ease expansion of parent and child systems which are the unique, versatile and prime features are presented on the scheme below.

The use of BMS JASMINE, including examples of implementation of this solution on the different on-board platforms and stages of its development is shown in the following diagrams, illustrations and movie.



BMS JASMINE (including its main hardware and software components) was already many times awarded:

  • GRAND PRIX award for tactical battle management system BMS JASMINE. This great award was granted in the Leader of State Security Competition 2017 under the honorary patronage of the President of Republic of Poland;

  • the special distinction granted by the Polish MOD in the Innowacje dla Sił Zbrojnych RP 2015 competition for the Network Centric Data Communication Platform JASMINE as the innovative, comprehensive, mutually consistent and unique System of Systems (BMS JASMINE is one of the main components) in the scope of (including automation) command and communication, dedicated for the all command and control echelons, including dismounted soldier;

  • The Republic of Poland President’s Award granted for the best product, which raises the level of safety of soldiers of the Polish Armed Forces – at the XII MSPO, for the integration of JASMINE – System of the Systems (one of the main component of its was BMS JASMINE) with the Automatic Indicator of Contamination PROMETHEUS;

  • 6 Defender prizes, granted at the subsequent editions of MSPO as follows:
    • for the newest / much extended version of C3IS JASMINE - an automated system of systems for battle management of all commands. The main software components of this solution are significantly developed BMS C3IS JASMINE;

  • for the Mobile Data Communication Node equipped with the BMS JASMINE, including its intercom - VIS JASMINE,

  • for the Integrated Information System WTS where the BMS JASMINE solutions was also one of the main components,

  • for the ATENA II vehicle, which has also equipped with the BMS JASMINE components, including its intercom – VIS JASMINE,

  • for the BMS, in which hardware and software of an on-board version of JASMINE System were main components,

  • for the Command Vehicle ŻUBR WD with an on-board version of JASMINE (BMS);

  • 3 prizes granted during the subsequent editions of Air Fair international fairs:
    • main prize granted for the Mobile Data Communication Node equipped with the BMS JASMINE, including its intercom – VIS JASMINE,

BMS JASMINE with its software - C3IS JASMINE (Software Module BMS C3IS JASMINE) in the year 2010, had successfully passed 100% of the planned tests as the only one BMS system in Poland. That tests were carried out in accordance with the order of the Chief of the General Staff with the participation of representatives of the Division of Armament and Modernization. As a result of tests, this solution was very highly rated by Polish Minister of National Defence:

 [...] Jasmine as the only one system positively completed tests. In the protocol From the tests of the BMS class systems was formulated the following conclusion: the most technologically advanced and satisfying user requirements BMS system is [...] Jasmine [...].