IEG JASMINE - Information Exchange Gateway


IEG (Information Exchange Gateway) JASMINE is a pioneering software and hardware TELDAT solution which forms the gateway of safe exchange information between the systems with different security domains. It is also standardized solution in the area of information security in networks that meet the concept of NATO Network Enabled Capability.

IEG JASMINE is a multi-module system and a part of the Network Centric Data Communication Platform JASMINE. IEG JASMINE can also operate as a stand-alone solution and it can work independently.

The system provides:

  • two-way, secure information flow between different security domains;
  • access to the information for commanders regardless of the kind and class of network they are included.

The main components of the IEG JASMINE are the following:

  • Firewall Box is basic module of IEG JASMINE, which is responsible for security control at the lowest network level and serves directly as NPS (Node Protection Service). Provides also data exchange security through:
    • integration of services and security,
    • control network traffic,
    • Virtual Private Network,
    • break-in detection and prevention,
    • secure network connections (IPSec / SSL),
    • packets filtering.
  • Router Box - acts as the backbone router, which: allows to connect network elements of IEG JASMINE and provides targeting information exchange services through the appropriate network interfaces and protocols:

  • IEG FS (Functional Service) JASMINE module is responsible for filtering all the additional services supported by other systems, e.g. C3IS JASMINE or other system meets standard of data exchange implementation protocol. Provide also data exchange security through:
    • preventing flow of information from the domain of high-security to the domain of low-security with a use of Network Guard Service;
    • dedicated security modules providing protocol recognition and inspection, e.g. MIP DEM B3, NFFI / IP1 / IP2 / SIP3, XMPP, HTTP / SOAP, VoIP H.323 and SIP;
    • ability to the implementation of new functional modules.

  • IEG CS (Core Service) JASMINE module is responsible for controlling of the of information for the basic services: e-mail, directory services and messaging. Provides also data exchange security through:
    • ability to labeling documents and mails with various classification norms,
    • integration with Microsoft Active Directory and TELDAT Battlefield Directory infrastructure,
    • dedicated Microsoft Exchange security agents providing mail inspection,
    • integration with Microsoft Office Applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook.

IEG JASMINE can be adapted to the current national security standards of the customer. The native features of military protocols have been used to store security level data. The system utilizes native features of protocols in the scope of security classification, it allows to use the system without the need of C4ISR systems .Moreover, the solution is transparent to the systems and users, as no network configuration change is required to include the IEG JASMINE in the existing systems.
Examples of use of IEG JASMINE show: the diagram and illustations:


IEG JASMINE was awarded the DEFENDER prize for the Integrated Information System WTS during the MSPO 2013. IEG JASMINE was one of its main components.