JFSS JASMINE - Joint Fires Support System

­JFSS JASMINE is the only such a solution in Poland, that provides comprehensive Joint Fires Support System, incorporating Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC). The system ensures mainly an effective and automatic data exchange between entities and objects (including aircraft) while providing fire support. It provides also targeting precision including guidance effectiveness of Close Air Support. The solution significantly raises up reliability and effectiveness of fire tasks execution (artillery, missiles and aircraft) that are in commander disposal. In the result, the JFSS JASMINE ensures the favorable conditions for the execution of operational and tactical tasks assigned to allied troops. The system by its effectiveness reduces the enemy combat potential, his combat capabilities and creates disorganization of his current activities.

JFSS JASMINE is designed for:

  • Forward Air Controller - FAC;
  • Joint Terminal Attack Controller - JTAC;
  • Joint Fires Observer - JFO;
  • Air Liaison Officer - ALO;
  • recce troops to provide situational awareness.

Main components of the JFSS JASMINE:

  • software of the Joint Fires Support System, including JTAC - JFSS C3IS JASMINE (Software Module of C3IS JASMINE);
  • software of the Combat IDentification Server CID JASMINE - recommended by allied commission CIAV (Coalition Interoperability Assurance & Validation) for operational application;
  • Tactical Terminal (e.g. Tactical Terminal Tablet T12” / T10” / T8”).

Main features:

  • it raises up situational awareness of the members of the Fires Support System;
  • it enhances an effectiveness air and land fires support (including artillery, missiles and aircraft strikes) through automatic data exchange in real time;
  • support of planning and execution processes of fires support including CAS (Close Air Support) and DACAS (Digitally Aided CAS) or CFF (Call for Fire);
  • provides the JFSS team members with display on the maps the elements of fire support elements coordination on the maps including limitations in completing fire support tasks, i.e. flightways of allied aircraft, non-fire areas, restrictive fire areas and secure borders of allied forces;
  • effective data exchange with fires support assets (including aircraft) and Agencies Involved in Coordinating Joint Fire Support in a real time and in VMF (Variable Message Format), ADatP-3 standards;
  • communication with UAV by Full Motion Video (FMV) in Video Data Link (VDL) from SNIPER (PAL, NTSC, MPEG-4, MPEG-2 and MJPEG);
  • cooperation with simulation systems (e.g. JCATS - Joint Conflict And Tactical Simulation and VBS - Virtual Battlespace), to make easier users training process;
  • situational awareness extension for pilots (in reference to aircrafts which don’t have VMF and Link 16 communications standards) and team members of joint fire support;
  • identification and automated determination of friendly forces deployment FFT (Friendly Force Tracking), provided by CID JASMINE;
  • indication for fire assets the location of allied forces to avoid Blue-Blue-Fire;
  • automatic synchronization and data exchange with the system devices to avoid human mistake by manual data entry (e.g. own location, allied troops location, target position, etc.);
  • integration with portable and/or mobile terminal (with installed JFSS C3IS JASMINE software), and with many other external devices of Operator (e.g.: VECTOR 21 Nite, PLRF 10/15, DAGR, Micro DAGR, FALCON radios - ANP/PRC 152/152A, ANP/PRC 117/G and ANP/PRC 158);
  • control of system devices (e.g. JTAC) through Operators terminal;
  • unique and effective cooperation with other C2 systems (national and NATO), an easy extension of the system due to application of C3IS JASMINE system (also unique and comprehensive software over years utilized by the army), from which a universal set of services derive the unified systems / software modules dedicated to JASMINE platform solutions, including: HMS C3IS JASMINE (software of the Headquarters Management System for Operational and Tactical Level), BMS C3IS JASMINE (software of the Battlefield Management System for Battalion, Company, Platoon & Section), DSS C3IS JASMINE (software of Dismounted Soldier System) and CMS C3IS JASMINE (software of the Crisis Management System);
  • automatic targets mapping, approval and determination of their parameters using digital maps;
  • mission planningvisualization (according to APP-6A/B/C, MIP Implementation Rules) and full support for plans and orders according to STANAG 2014;
  • apps (services) to support CAS (Close Air Support), DACAS (Digitally Aided CAS) and DAFS (Digitally Aided Fire Support), including the semi-automatic edition of reports and messages;
  • support of a variety of messages including ADatP-3 that can be interpreted semi automatically as well as editable (FM - Fire Misssion, ATI - Artillery Target Intelligence, NNFP - Fire Plan, SPRT - Support Airspace Coordination Area, ACMREQ & AIRREQ);
  • communication with soldiers using NATO JDSS (Joint Dismounted Soldier System - STANAG 4677);
  • application of vector topographic underlays distributed in VPF & SHP technology and raster topographic underlays in CADRG, ECW, MrSID, GeoTIFF & JPEG technologies and also maps of DTED terrain model;
  • management of topographic underlays distributed with the WMS (Web Map Service) and WFS (Web Feature Service) technologies;
  • quick exchange of text messages (CHAT) using pre-defined reports and templates;
  • modular construction enabling fast integration of system components;
  • integration with TELDAT Battlefield Directory services STANAG 4644.

The system consists of specialized, dedicated military hardware (communication means & sensors implemented in Polish Armed Forces) integrated with C3IS JASMINE software modules (functionalities): JFSS C3IS JASMINE alike as HMS, BMS and DSS JASMINE is a part of C3IS JASMINE which are the subsequent vital technical and functional features of this solution.

JFSS JASMINE exists in two dedicated and fully integrated versions: mobile and portable.

Functional diagram of the JFSS JASMINE is presented below.

Example of equipment and practical use of the JFSS JASMINE is presented on the pictures below.

An important advantage of JFSS JASMINE (especially its software) is the fact that it has numerous: NATO recommendations for operational use in allied armies, reports of important positive tests and operational references from the War Studies University. These, subsequent and in many cases unique features of this solution are confirmed, among others, by:

  • a recommendation for the practical use of JFSS JASMINE, clearly confirming that it is the only Polish product of this type which, together with only a few American solutions of this class, has successfully passed tests carried out by the USAF Operations Chief Joint Staff, J6 Joint Deployable Analysis Team (JDAT);

  • a recommendation for the operational use of the CID JASMINE Combat Identification Server software (an important component of JFSS JASMINE) issued by the allied CIAV (Coalition Interoperability Assurance & Validation) commission;

  • its fruitful use over the years (including reliable examination and testing) during many of the above-mentioned foreign and domestic military ventures and subsequent editions of important international exercises: BOLD QUEST (with the use of large numbers of troops and combat assets, including the latest generation aircrafts) and NATO CWIX (the largest coalition ventures in the field of combat interoperability).

JFSS JASMINE (including its hardware and software components) has been distinguished and awarded with:

  • Defender award - obtained in 2018 for the latest / significantly expanded version of C3IS JASMINE - Multidomain Combat Management System of Systems dedicated to all command echelons and combat operations, up to and including the soldier. One of the main software components of this solution is the significantly developed JFSS C3IS JASMINE;

  • 2 awards received during subsequent editions of the International Air Fair Exhibitions:
    • in 2019, an award for the C3IS JASMINE Command Support System (including its JFSS C3IS JASMINE and CID C3IS JASMINE software), ensuring, among others: integration, imaging and exchange of information with aircraft,

  • in 2017, an award for the JFSS JASMINE - Joint Fire Support System (together with its above-mentioned software) integrated, among others, with HMS and BMS JASMINE. This system also ensures the exchange of information with aircraft.