Tactical Terminal Tablet


Tactical Terminal Tablet it's a mobile tactical computer and a part of on-board or standalone manpack equipment for end-users of e.g. BMS JASMINE and DSS JASMINE.

Terminal can be used as:

  • clip-in kit connected to the on-board network of the battle vehicle, dedicated to i.a. BMS JASMINE (Battlefield Management System);
  • standalone manpack dedicated to i.a. DSS JASMINE (Dismounted Soldier System).

Terminal is dedicated mainly to effective use of the C3IS JASMINE software in BMS and DSS version.

Tactical Terminal Tablet is a ruggedized device designed to operate in harsh military environments (that meets high military standards e.g. anti-shock, climatic and environmental). It can also operate as a stand-alone solution and it can work independently.

Presently in its class it is the only terminal in Poland and one of the few in the world that meet military standards i.a. anti-shock, climatic and environmental. It ensures the possibilities of operation in water and resistant to drops and shocks.

Example parameters:

  • Processor: x86 architecture;
  • Random Access Memory: min. 4 GB DDR2;
  • Disk Drives: 2 x SSD SATA min. 128 GB, RAID0/1 (replaceable);
  • Display: LCD 12.1" touchscreen (automatic adjustment of the LCD backlight);
  • Operational system: Windows XP, Windows 7;
  • Basic equipment:
    • built-in two video cameras (on both sides of the terminal),
    • built-in modules: GPS, WiFi 2.4 GHz and GSM or CDMA or 4G modem (e.g. LTE),
    • interfaces: Gigabit Ethernet, USB, RS232, VGA and Audio,
    • accelerometer,
    • magnetometer,
    • two replaceable batteries,
    • smart card reader;
  • Additional equipment:
    • HMD (Helmet Mounted Display),
    • headset with ANR function (Active Noise Reduction),
    • replaceable batteries (reserve),
    • adapter dedicated to installation of terminal in vehicle.


Komputerowy Terminal Taktyczny