Another award for the C3IS JASMINE

We are pleased to announce that during the XII International Exhibition AIR FAIR Expo, our unique network centric C3IS JASMINE system received the AIR FAIR award. It should be emphasized that this comprehensive Battle Management System of Systems from the operational to the soldier level is being constantly developed and upgraded with new technologies, standards and capabilities, and its main component – HMS C3IS JASMINE is widely and successfully used in the Polish Armed Forces. During this year the AIR FAIR exhibition, C3IS JASMINE – our flagship software solution, has been presented as the only Polish innovative product of this class, ensuring among others: integration, current operational picture and data exchange with aircrafts. The above values ​​and wide interoperability capabilities of the above awarded System of Systems (including its successes on the international arena, confirmed in recent months by subsequent NATO recommendations and placing it on the allied AFPL list – Approved Field Product List, as well as the positive highest level tests with the NATO reference system – MIP Test Reference System) were recognized by numerous delegations, Guests visiting our exhibition and the Award Selection Board. Similar situation appeared during MSPO 2018, where the same system received the prestigious DEFENDER award. Earlier was also awarded i.a. by the followings: President of Poland, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Science and Higher Education. The system (commonly with its subsystems: HMS C3IS JASMINE, BMS C3IS JASMINE, DSS C3IS JASMINE, JFFS C3IS JASMINE and SZK C3IS JASMINE) was chosen as the most innovative and desired by Polish Armed Forces military product. The probe carried out by "portal-mundurowy" (the result was announced on 03.05.2019 under link confirmed this fact. The examination covered wide this year catalog of selected solutions dedicated to security and defence.