TELDAT awarded twice the 4-Star Supplier Excellence Award

Our company was once again awarded the Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems (IDS) 4-Star Supplier Excellence Award. We are the first and only Polish company to receive this type of high distinctions for the top qualitytimely delivery performance and focus on the Customer satisfaction. The importance of these prestigious ennoblements is all the more valuable because they are a high recognition that can be granted to the exemplary supplier of this globally operating corporation. The solemn award ceremony (IDS Supplier Excellence Conference and Awards) was held on May 21st 2019 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Raytheon’s Integrated Defense Systems business instituted the annual Supplier Excellence Awards program to recognize suppliers who have provided outstanding service and partnership in exceeding customer requirements. Award candidates are judged on certain criteria, including overall quality and on-time delivery. TELDET was one of 77 companies recognized by Raytheon’s Integrated Defense Systems business for 4-Star honors.

TELDAT was selected a second time out of Raytheon’s thousands of global suppliers based on very high quality and technical criteria and impeccable manufacturing procedures. In case of our company it was related mainly to several years of exemplary and systematically increasing deliveries of advanced military Information Communication Technology solutions for Patriot – Air Defense Missile System manufactured by Raytheon. They are used in sets of this combat equipment in several allied countries and prepared for implementation in the others. Before we started suppling Raytheon with our product, our devices and competencies (to include JASMINE hardware and software) had been elaborately tested and verified by Raytheon with the consent of proper Polish authorities. Professional verification included tests were conducted in highly specialized laboratories in the USA, also in terms of IT security.

With the proud and satisfaction we thank Raytheon IDS for the consecutive, special distinction and fruitful cooperation that also fosters the strengthening of Polish-American friendship.