KTSA Management System

KTSA Management System is assigned mainly for management and monitoring all the modules (KTSA devices) in wide data communications network of WAN type. It provides:

  • current information about devices working in the network;
  • current information about devices and connections failures;
  • fast access to the information about location of the devices in WAN network;
  • graphic diagram of connections and locations;
  • graphic display of the system status;
  • remote configuration of the devices;
  • easy detection and remove failures;
  • complex access to devices configuration modules and network settings;
  • building of full network management documentation;
  • safety from data loss by using non stop replication (data from the server is doubled to any configurable number of servers in the network);
  • safety from unauthorized access (by means of electronic cards);
  • proper security policy management (defining modules – KTSA devices authorization, generating electronic cards, etc.).

KTSA Management System consists of the following software: