Configuration Management

Zarządzanie Konfiguracją

Configuration Management enables remote configuration of the WAN devices in a KTSA switchboard and the devices being included in a JASMINE System. The remote connection is secured with the SSL safe session of the communication centers with the authorization of sides on the certificates level with RSA keys stored in the authorization bases.

Zarządzanie Konfiguracją

The software higher layer services provides as follows:

  • configuration of servers and the RADIUS authorization services;
  • configuration of the NTP (Network Time Protocol) servers;
  • configuration of SSL security parameters;
  • defining of interface bridges;
  • defining GRE (Generic Routing Encapsulation) tunnels;
  • securing connections via IPSec protocol;
  • configuration of the access to the devices and the network via firewall;
  • establishing of QoS policy (Quality of Service).