Our presence and offer at the MSPO 2016

TELDAT presented comprehensive and wide range battle and crisis management systems during the XXIV International Defense Industry Exhibition In Kielce on the days 06-09.09.2016.

There was the premiere of the latest, the most developed an matured version of Battle Management System of Systems (mutually consistent and highly specialized hardware and software components) . The system consist of unique the main following components:

  • Battle Management System of Corps, Division and BrigadeHMS JASMINE with ICT Nodes in the shelter and portable version;
  • Battle Management System of Battalion, Company and PlatoonBMS JASMINE, also with on-board ICT Node;
  • Management System of Soldier/Dismounted SectionDSS JASMINE with personal ICT equipment;
    • JASMINE Web Portal (creation of Comon Operational Picture – COP and improving of current imaging data from external systems, including recognition),
    • Fire Support System (including main components: CID JASMINE – Combat Identification Server and Joint Terminal Attack Controler – JTAC)
    • Information Exchange Gateway JASMINE – automated and safe data transfer between the domains with different classification of information systems,
    • Training and Virtual Simulation JASMINE Systems.

The premiere of its most developed version had also the Secure Exchange Information SystemSEIS, designed to the exchange of a fast and secure of information in wide area systems, i.a. initiating and reporting especially specific and necessary actions in the public services in the scope of national defence and/or crisis management.

Mentioned and presented during this year’s MSPO our advanced products had great interest and were highly assessed by visitors: numerous Polish and foreign government, military and public sector delegations, also by representatives of our partners, Polish media and other. Many times our guests confirmed the need of implementation the most modern components of our solutions (including their essential additional functionalities and abilities) as well as usefulness and effectiveness of their current use in the structures of the Polish MOD and other important government agencies, including the international area and peace and security missions.

We cordially thank for all of visiting guests, as well as Our Staff for the professional preparation and implementation of practical demonstration of all of our specialized solutions during the MSPO. We also sincerely thank for Our Partner – CMGI and its Staff for the highly specialized and creative support of our products .Thanks Friends.