Despite of the pandemic, TELDAT is performing contracts impeccably

Despite of the global and dangerous phenomenon and many difficulties associated with it, we still lead many important and large projects in an exemplary and timely manner, and thus, as an entity of special economic and defense importance, we fulfill the most important / service mission of our activity. The basic of these important, long-term projects are carried out, for the Polish Armed Forces and they concern:

  • deliveries of new innovative ICT Nodes - WTi and modifications of their previous counterparts Integrated Data Transmission Nodes JASMINE, as well as the realization of numerous trainings for the operating personnel of these military solutions, which include a large number of highly specialized hardware and software;
  • manufacturer support for the effective operation and development (including a number of trainings for Instructors and Users) of C3IS JASMINE - HMS C3IS JASMINE (Headquarters Management System for Operational and Tactical Level) widely used in the Polish Army and effectively providing with, i.a. coalition interoperability. This solution is the only mature Polish military product of this type, operating extensively in stationary and mobile conditions (also with the use of radio means), having the essential functionalities of the C3IS JASMINE (Combat Management System dedicated to all command echelons and combat operations) and if necessary, being able to immediately use / implement its other services, also the latest TELDAT product - JFSS C3IS JASMINE (Joint Fires Support System, including JTAC).