Over ten laboratories of JASMINE solutions

This year, another two training laboratories were set up, this time the Headquarters Management System for Operational and Tactical Level HMS C3IS JASMINE, which is global used in the Polish Army. This important event took place at the Center for the Training of the Officers of the War Studies University, where courses, trainings and exercises are held as part of the system of training of the Polish Armed Forces soldiers and the staff of the Ministry of National Defense.

This unique (especially nationally) solution is the core C3IS JASMINE system / component, including an innovative Automated Command, Control, Communication & Information System of Systems for all echelons, up to and including the soldier. This comprehensive product of military technology has been used since 2011 by the Command, Control & Communication Systems Laboratory of the name of Lt Gen Tadeusz Buk, the Military Department of the above-mentioned military college, based on which, among others: has trained so far approximately several thousand soldiers from the Polish Armed Forces, and gathered invaluable experience and knowledge which have been used / continue to be used to develop this solution.

Currently there are 11 laboratories of the JASMINE platform in Poland within 5 research and training centers:  Support Center for Command Systems of DG RSZ, the War Studies University (former National Defense University), the Military University of Technology, the Training Center of Communication and Informatics and the State University of Applied Sciences in Kalisz, where the Crisis Management System JASMINE is primarily used.