Another high international rating for C3IS JASMINE

The rating has been obtained by HMS C3IS JASMINE, widely used for several years in Polish Armed Forces, recognized by the ACT (Allied Command Transformation) as such advanced military equipment in this field that it can be treated as a reference solution, being a reference for other such similar products on the market. It was held during the "TIDE Sprint" workshops, carried out by the above-mentioned command in April 2020, where only three products from this class were selected from all over the world, including mentioned HMS C3IS JASMINE – the only polish.

In the context of the above, it is also worth emphasizing that HMS C3IS JASMINE, has already been exceptionally successful in Poland and abroad as the only national system of this type. The results are mainly the fruitful exploitation of this military software in the Polish Armed Forces and:

  • repeated confirmation by this solution of having the highest interoperability capabilities (ensuring effective and efficient cooperation with the allied troops), proven by:
    • numerous NATO certificates and placing this system on the AFPL (Approved Field Product List), and thus documenting that this solution also provides the required level of security,
    • in the course of many important and largest international military ventures of this kind (many of them took place in many countries with the large number of troops and combat equipment, including the latest generation one), e.g. MIP (Multilateral Interoperability Program) and ANAKONDA, DRAGON, BOLD QUEST, NATO CWIX / CWID, COMBINED ENDEAVOR, ALLIED SPIRIT, COMBINED RESOLVE and SABER STRIKE exercises;
  • numerous operational references issued for the above-mentioned system, also the unique ones received from National Defense University / War Studies University;
  • several major awards / distinctions, including those received from: the President of the Republic of Poland, the Ministry of National Defense, the Ministry of National Defense and the MSPO Program Council.