WLAN Modules


WLAN Modules (Access Point and Bridge) are elements of the HMS JASMINE in shelter version or portable version.

WLAN Module (Access Point) it's a device used as core module in wireless computer networks (WLAN - Wireless Local Area Network) in accordance with IEEE 802.11. It's an access point for wireless devices (e.g. wireless IP phones and computer terminals) and it provides services for mobile Users.

WLAN Module (Bridge) it's a device used as core module used in building of wireless radio spans in accordance with IEEE 802.11 and it provides connections between ICT networks at short distances (e.g. in the areas where is no reason to use wired connections).

WLAN Modules are ruggedized devices designed to operate in harsh military environments (that meets high military standards e.g. anti-shock, climatic and environmental). They can also operate as a stand-alone solutions and they can work independently.



WLAN Access PointWLAN Bridge