Server Box



Server Box is an element of the HMS JASMINE in a shelter or portable version. Is a server platform dedicated to system and application software of: command support systems (e.g. C3IS JASMINE), management of active directory, databases with devices, configuration management, authorization and client services, e.g. file sharing and e-mail.

Server Box is a ruggedized device designed to operate in harsh military environments (that meets high military standards e.g. anti-shock, climatic and environmental). It can also operate as a stand-alone solution and it can work independently.

Main components of the Server Box are the following:

  • 2 independent servers, each consists of:
    • Processor module,
    • Hardware RAID controller,
    • SSD (Solid-State Drive) disks with Hot-Swap mode,
    • Optical module 1000Base-SX,
    • Power supply module with batteries;
  • VGA & USB interfaces switch module (support two servers using a single display and keyboard);
  • External rugged display with keyboard.


Server Box