TELDAT engineers, keenly for sports challenges

At the begin of June, TELDAT took part in the Terrain Massacre - a run with many surprising obstacles in extremely difficult terrain. The run is one of the largest sports events in Poland. Our Strong Team consisted of ten athletic and determined Brave Men, who with a smiles and in a fighting mood, overcame obstacles that requires, among others: endurance, strength, cunning and cooperation skills.

What makes the Terrain Massacre such a special event? First of all, the fact that it takes place in Bydgoszcz's Myślęcinek - Forest Park of Culture and Recreation, which is also the largest Polish city park. Extremely large space, amazing views and raising the bar (literally and figuratively) numerous steep slopes and water and marsh obstacles make this event an extraordinary adventure and a huge test for each team. Terrain Masacre does not bring mercy, because during this event you have to: cross lakes, climb or crawl through the mud.

The Terrain Massacre brought Bydgoszcz Residents, its Participants and the TELDAT Community a lot of attractions. We are glad that we were able to cheer on our Sport Champions who completed this demanding race with a satisfactory result and, above all, without injuries. Congratulations to the TELDAT team!!!