Our unrivalled BMS during the MSPO 2015

Battle Management of the Battalion Level System was practically presented in a wide range during the XXIII International Defence Industry Exhibition in Kielce on the days 01-04.09.2015. This system offered by the national Consortium BMS, which was showed in the five variants, including in vehicle, at KTO ROSOMAK training set and as the training laboratory consisting of sets of the BMS systems equipment designed for commanders of battalion, company, platoon etc.

This solution has authentic high interest e.g. representatives of the state with the President of Poland and the Head of the National Security Bureau, commanders and soldiers of different levels, structures and types of forces and departments, representatives of the Division of Armaments and Modernization MOD and members of the Programme Council of the MSPO 2015, and foreign delegations. In many cases they confirmed, that is the only one really existing and working system in this class. Confirmation of this is the 8th award of our BMS as important ICT component of the Mobile Communication Node, awarded by the Defender.

Battle Management of the Battalion Level System offered by the national Consortium BMS, for the mentioned rate were assuredly affected by the following key facts and unique advantages of our BMS:

  • The system in 2012 was assessed by the Ministry of Defence as: "[...] the most perspective solution to achieve the intended purpose as defined in the C4ISR operational program.".
  • It was created as the first in Poland and since 10 years has been dynamically developed (including hardware and software) by the largest team of Polish engineers (recognized by NATO in the area of expertise) which for almost 20 years actively, effectively and successfully engaged in military IT.
  • The system has been 8-times awarded as innovative and the best IT system for security and protection of soldiers. None of the Polish this type of systems - if it exists - has never got even one such kind ennoblement.
  • The system has been tested and examined the longest time (since 2008) and in the widest range in Poland and abroad also the system as only one in 2010 completely and successfully has passed all the tests conducted by Polish MOD including the Armament and Modernization Branch. This solution outclassed other supposedly existing systems in this class.
  • As only one since 2010 has successfully been exploited and tested in the dynamic actions during national and international military exercises.
  • It has the C3IS software certified by NATO and Polish Defence University references. The software as the only Polish since 2008 has been subjected to highest level tests (in continuous and automated modes) in MIP Program with the positive results. Among the 7 systems that were qualified to the highest level tests our software was assessed as one which has the largest number of implemented functionalities.
  • It is equipped with components fully consistent with the superINTERCOM - Vehicle Intercom System JASMINE, which acts as the basic ICT board node - integrator made in IPv6 technology.
  • It is unified with many thousands of desktop and mobile hardware and software solutions for several years successfully used in the Polish Armed Forces.
  • The system is a part of the JASMINE platform - also the only the Polish System of the Systems thus the BMS can easily be expanded to the unified higher and lower systems and to compose the integrated information systems, it is also an unique advantage and value in national terms.

We thank all guests for visiting our stand. We also thank our Consortium partners for effective cooperation in preparing the exhibition and its presentation.