System Management Module (SM)

 Moduł Programowy SZ

System Management Module (SM) has KTSA Alarm Management software, installed and operated by the User at the SM dispatch terminal.

System Management Module (SM) is used to keep control over the entire Instant Messaging & Alarming Module (IMA) and, as such uses database servers of IMA module. Its main task is to create posts, Users and surrendering access cards that enable using dispatch terminal and identify the User.

Moduł Programowy SZ

System Management Module (SM) main features:

  • designed for creating hierarchy of IMA dispatch terminals;
  • use WAN network;
  • stores access card data;
  • enable supervision regarding IMA system Users and their functions;
  • list of sent signals between IMA dispatch terminals;
  • displays active IMA terminals hierarchy;
  • keeps servers activity statistics;
  • displays servers replication state;
  • generates reports about current system activity;
  • enables module management, their history and accessing them
  • by particular groups of persons.