Report from our participation in the BQ 16-2 exercise in the US

BQ loga 

TELDAT as the only Polish company since several years has successfully, systematically, intensively and widely undertaken the expensive and time consuming challenges (especially organizational and technical) toward to reliable verification and improvement of its competences and products in the area of military IT in international environment (including NATO and EU). The last verification was held during the BOLD QUEST 16.2 military exercise (Coalition Capability Demonstration and Assessment) which have taken place in the few places in the USA and Europe and was managed in the center placed in Georgia State on the days 11.10 – 4.11.2016. TELDAT to take part this exercise - again as the only Polish defense industry company - has directed there its engineers and Combat IDentification Server CID JASMINE, which is as well the only this type of Polish product similarly like many others solutions of JASMINE System of the Systems.

In the result of the effective CID JASMINE utilization (including tests) in BQ 16.2, the high quality, maturity, compliance and correctness of implementation of the latest version of the communications and data exchange (ADatP-37 and ADatP-36) standards have been confirmed. It had a significant impact primarily on increasing of the interoperable capacities between Air Forces, Navy and Land Forces participating in the exercise.

During this year's BQ:

    • has been successfully used (tested) according to the main idea of the exercise in order to improve the cooperation and data exchange in the full extent of coalition opportunities for have already fielded solutions and being under development as well as their interoperability verification and suitability in combat operations. It was held in the cooperation with the troops really participating this big military operation with the extent similar to the combat operation. The solution has fulfilled the integrator role which significantly increases as follows: identification of allies and enemies objects, data exchange between aircrafts and land troops and their security as well as effectiveness of operations,
    • has been successfully subjected to the following tests: scenario, laboratory, stress and Live Fly (the collaboration tests with real aircraft). The tests have been performed in two basic areas: Friendly Force Tracking (FFT) and Ground to Air Situational Awareness (G2A SA),
    • once again received the accreditation of connection to the classified exercise network and as the first accomplished the interoperability in the all assumed exercise areas,
    • has successfully finished the tests when cooperated with the allied following systems: USA FTAMS (Force Tracking Advanced Management System), USA SAS-E (Situational Awareness Service - Enhanced), USA GCCS-J (Global Command & Control System – Joint), BOSS (Battlefield Operational Support System), DNK CSI (Combat System Interface), ITA CIDS (Combat Identification Server), ITA BFT (Blue Force Tracking),
    • participated in the data exchange between land troops and aircrafts or their simulators as follows: A-10C, B-1B, F-15E, F-16CM, F/A-18 (F/A-18C/D and F/A-18F), basically to the extent of real data acquisition about the location of troops, optimization of the amount of data exchange, visualization of current situation, CID JASMINE operational readiness and tracking the positions of mentioned objects,
    • passed positively also all scheduled tests as well as more advanced tests in reference to last year with the use of: NFFI, FFI-MTF, VMF and Link 16,
    • provided the visualization of messages from sea situation picture (RMP) concerning the submarines and naval vessels locations;
  • our engineers participated also conferences and technical meetings concerning the perspectives of the exercise and the development of interoperability standards including DACAS (Digitally Aided Close Air Support) performed in Fort Steward where the JTAC sets (Joint Terminal Attack Controller) were tested. The participation in BQ once again allowed to improve their professional skills and gain unique experience, which is necessary especially in creating and developing high-quality, reliable solutions in the fields of C4ISR.

In light of the foregoing we express our highest appreciation and thanks go to our colleagues engineers who have directly prepared and performed this project from the industrial and technical side and perfectly represented our country and the Polish Defence Industry.