WAN Box is an element of the HMS JASMINE in a shelter or portable version. Is a bank router with access to WAN (Wide Area Network). Enables connection between IP telephony and ISDN telephony networks, providing connection them with other systems used for example in Armed Forces. WAN Box is dedicated to convert telecommunications standards and provides simultaneous information exchange through various communication channels available during military operations. There are two versions of device: WAN Box (M) with E1 multiplexer module and WAN Box (S) with SDSL module.

WAN Box is a ruggedized device designed to operate in harsh military environments (that meets high military standards e.g. anti-shock, climatic and environmental). It can also operate as a stand-alone solution and it can work independently.

Main components of the WAN Box are the following:

  • WAN Router module with VoIP Gateway;
  • TELDAT management module:
    • Router,
    • Firewall,
    • Gatekeeper H.323;
  • Ethernet Switch 10/100/1000 Mbps (with PoE ports - Power over Ethernet);
  • SDSL module (S version);
  • E1 multiplexer module (M version);
  • Optical modules 100Base-FX & 1000Base-SX;
  • Management server of IP phones (CallManager Express);
  • NTP server (Network Time Protocol);
  • RADIUS server (Remote Authentication Dial In User Service);
  • Power supply module with batteries.


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