CMS JASMINE in the spotlight of the crisis management system coordinators

As we have already mentioned, on February 24 this year at the headquarters of TELDAT we hosted a large group of representatives of the most important state and local government institutions and universities participating in the organization of the presentation (demonstration) of the national crisis management system for its improvement of the functioning. On the initiative of these entities, we successfully carried out a multi-hour presentation on mainly the practical operation of the Crisis Management System JASMINE (CMS JASMINE), including mobile operation. The demonstration has been prepared and realized in cooperation, in particular with: the Government Center for Security (RCB), the Territorial Defense Forces Command, the Security and Crisis Management Department of the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship, the Military University of Technology (WAT), the War Studies Univeristy (ASzWoj) and the Calisia University. The event was carried out with the use of resources and members of search groups of the Police, State Fire Service and Territorial Defense Forces, including vehicles and communication equipment etc.

CMS JASMINE has attracted the attention of many important institutions and assemblies participating in the organization and functioning of the national crisis management system. Mainly on their initiative the system was repeatedly recognized by the Ministry of National Defense, and awarded, including: Defender, Air Fair and GRAND PRIX, which is the latest prize for the above-mentioned system in the national competition State Security Leader 2021.