HMS C3IS JASMINE reliable in Integrated System Training BARBAKAN-21

During the last days of November this year, under the leadership of the Commander of the Land Operations Center - Commander of the Land Component, Major General Stanisław Czosnek, an Integrated System Training with units of the Land Forces of the Armed Forces General Command and the cooperating commands of the tactical level took place.

Participants of the BARBAKAN-21 training events, assisted by representatives of the ICT Department of the Institute of Information of the Military Faculty of the War Studies University and TELDAT improved the skills in using the HMS C3IS JASMINE system, which once again reliably fulfilled its tasks within the scope of information exchange, current visualization of the operational situation, as well as planning and coordination of activities.

HMS C3IS JASMINE is the only Polish, comprehensive, network-centric and extensively operating Multidomain Headquarters Management System for Operational and Tactical Level, widely used by the Polish Armed Forces for years. This solution also works in mobile conditions with the use of radio means and is dedicated especially to the command posts of corps, divisions, brigades, regiments, battalions and their sub-units (also e.g. in command and combat vehicles).

Information on BARBAKAN-21 is included, among others, in the following media publication: