DSS JASMINE - Dismounted Soldier System


DSS JASMINE is a comprehensive and network centric dismounted soldier (rescuer) management system (DSS - Dismounted Soldier System). It makes up a personal, light data communication node and is one of main components of the Network Centric Data Communication Platform JASMINE. This is an innovative solution providing ICT platform for an individual soldier or rescuer and also providing an integration and management of its equipment components. It provides also command support of soldier, crew / group of dismounted soldiers or rescuers. The system ensures tactical situation picture on digital maps, information about troops deployment, reception and issuing orders, reporting and visualization threats etc. DSS JASMINE can also operate as an autonomous solution.

Basic components of DSS JASMINE:

Main features:

The main example hardware elements of the DSS JASMINE devices are presented below.

Examples of equipment and practical use of DSS JASMINE shown diagram and illustrations presented below.


DSS JASMINE (including its main hardware and software components) was many times awarded:

The Republic of Poland President’s Award, which is granted annually for the best product, which improves level of safety of soldiers of the Polish Armed Forces - integration of Automatic Indicator of Contamination PROMETHEUS with JASMINE - System of the Systems (one of the main component of its was DSS JASMINE) obtained at the International Defence Industry Exhibition MSPO 2014 in Kielce;

DEFENDER, awarded for the Integrated Information System WTS during the International Defence Industry Exhibition 2013. DSS JASMINE solutions were also one of the main components;

AIR FAIR 2013 for innovative Vehicle Intercom System VIS JASMINE including tactical terminals with C3IS JASMINE software dedicated to dismounted soldiers;

AIR FAIR 2012 for the most innovative and comprehensive coverage for the Polish Armed Forces - Network Centric Data Communication Platform JASMINE. DSS JASMINE is one of its main components;